People who serve alcohol aren't responsible for people who abuse alcohol. <--- really?

Anxiety is way lower right now.

Kinda like how if you have a problem with carbs and you remove the carbs, there is no problem anymore. The rule is easy: don’t eat carbs. You know if you did it and know if you broke the rule.

But that black and white solution is short-lived. ;) 

I found this “give up Facebook for 99 days” project which I thought about joining for a hot second, and then realized it is the equivalent of “give up processed food with Whole30 for 30 days.”

You either do it 100% or fail miserably, and there is no gray area in between. And failing will probably increase usage right after. The restrict—->binge thing I talk about a lot. (I’ve actually done this several times over the last 14 years.

Learning moderation with processed food is much like learning moderation with social media.

I was reading an article about FB and phones...

We have to have a phone because everyone has a phone. Everyone has a phone because everyone has a phone. But before phones, no one had phones and that was that.

We have to have FB because everyone has FB. Everyone has FB because everyone has FB. But before FB, no one had FB and that was that.

Anywho, over the weekend I am going to take some time to figure out how to use social media the same way I learned to have carbs.

One thing I was thinking about was how a previous business coach taught us to put up a blocker on my desktop… So I couldn't scroll on social media...

but it's like... how am I taking a stance against scrolling on social media but encouraging other people to do it by putting up content constantly and updating IG stories constantly?

I was talking to a FB ads guy a few months ago at a party and telling him how I felt about social media,

and he was like, people who serve alcohol aren't responsible for people who abuse alcohol.

That sentence did not make me feel better about what I do with social media.

I’d like to be a responsible content creator and not someone doing everything in their power to make people addicted to scrolling and checking updates.

Some interesting articles about social media addiction:

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