"monday after a holiday weekend" - is this you?

For a lot of us, holiday weekends bring on initial joy and then also a lot of fear and guilt because of FOOD.

We tend to overeat because:

1. Special holiday foods are there only one time a year

2. We hear a story from family about how we should eat to show love OR or we MAKE UP A STORY IN OUR OWN HEADS about how we should be overeating 

3. The foods tend not to be just plants and protein... Not many families celebrate holidays with green smoothies- and that's okay! Hehe. That would be so boring…


“We make up a story in our own heads about how we should be overeating.”

We started our day of celebrating with eating at my Italian aunt's house for frittata, calzone, Easter bread, St. Joseph's Zeppolis, and breakfast cheesecake (yeah, that's a thing.)

When I was obsessed with dieting and clean eating from 2014 and on, I was afraid to eat these foods because they weren't clean. 

If I ate them, that meant I had messed up. 

If I messed up and wasn't perfect, then my choices were: 

1. Keep eating because you already f*cked up.

2. Stop eating (fast from eating) because you messed and should feel guilty and shameful for what you've done. 

This was based on a perfectionist mindset about food and myself.

My beliefs were that I had to be perfect, and if I wasn't perfect, well, then F it. Give up on myself. And then punish myself. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

In 2019, I have a different belief system about food and myself.

My beliefs are now that I can be imperfect, and when I do *mess up* and eat something that isn't plants and protein, it's not an opportunity to give up on myself. 

(Notice that I said "WHEN I do mess up" and not "if I mess up." I mess up a lot. Like a lot. I don't eat perfectly and I have survived!)

Something happens, and then we make meaning of it. And we get to CHOOSE to reframe the meaning.

So we were at my aunt's house, and I had the frittata and calzones with cheese and Italian deli meats, I noticed hunger and fullness while eating, I split parts with my husband, etc and still left feeling a little tired from just the eating and sitting. 

So “something happened” (I overate a little bit) and then I get to choose the meaning. 

I could choose “I messed up so I should binge” or “I messed up so I should fast”

 or I could choose “I enjoyed a meal and am tired maybe because we ate and then just sat there so I choose water and moving my body and eating a little slower and finding more veggies.” That one!

So it's the Monday after a holiday weekend. I didn't eat perfectly yesterday. I also didn't binge. I also just want food to be normal always and not a super high stress situation. I just want food to be normal and easy and sustainable and fun and something that brings me health and not stress. 

Notice the biker dude on the bottom is always on the track even with all the challenges ahead. The mistake we make is thinking that challenges pushed us off the track. Challenges ARE the track.

Notice the biker dude on the bottom is always on the track even with all the challenges ahead. The mistake we make is thinking that challenges pushed us off the track. Challenges ARE the track.

So what do I do today? I am not "getting back on track" because I never actually "fell offtrack" as yesterday was part of imperfect eating. If I was on a diet plan, yesterday could have the meaning that I fell offtrack, but yesterday was just a part of my life. My imperfect life. So today I eat.

I choose water.

I choose coffee.

I choose green smoothie + protein powder.

I choose a salad and a piece of leftover calzone.

I choose roasted veggies, chicken sausage, and potatoes.

I choose half of a Zeppolis (donut) and an apple and peanut butter.

Normal eating. It's imperfect and it's fine. It's sustainable and enjoyable. It brings health and not stress. There are no dramatic changes with immediate and also not sustainable results. It's just.... there. It's normal and frankly, not sensational. It's not sexy. There are not marketable products. It's not a big money maker like Keto or Whole30 or Paleo products. It's just normal.

THIS is sustainable and healthy and has no stopping. It's just normal.

Hope you have a great Monday and a great week! 

As always, I'm in your corner--let me know what you need.



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