How to get over the fears in your head and actually run/walk your first 5k

I'll never forget the first time I went out for a training run by myself. It was a few months before my 30th birthday, and I had been *wanting to become a runner* for like 8 years. I was putting off running a 5k until "I was ready," but "ready" never seemed to magically appear. So I was running on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park, and there were people everywhere as it always is in Wicker Park. "Eek, they're prolly looking at how slow I am or how my thighs jiggle."

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I mean, maybe. Some people are assholes.

And like I told my kindergartners,

"Hurt people hurt people."

I knew that worrying about them would keep pushing off "ready" for years down the road.

So I kept running... er, run/walking.

After I ran that first 5k, I started noticing runners as I was driving.

And instead judging them, their speed, or their bodies... I was jealous of them!

They were out moving their bodies, and I was stuck in my effing car driving!!

I think we can all relate to this: putting something off because we don't think we're ready

or that we're good enough

or thin enough

or that it's for other people but not us

or that people in real life will say mean things like people on the internet do.

One thing I've found is that when you start to surround yourself with people working on something similar,

you start to see that there really is good out there in the world,

and the majority of people do want to spread joy and not hate.

Past personal trainers would always tell me that if I want to change the way my body looks,

I should be serious about lifting weights, and while ok yes, true...

I think we run for a different reason.

It's not always about changing your body

but accomplishing a really effing hard goal on race day.

The community you find on race day is like no other.

Kind, motivating, inspirational.

This is probably a good time to mention that my friend, former client, and #runwithjaclyn all star

Melissa Nazario ran/walked her first 5k and sprinted across the finish line!!!!!

We chat about how she got herself to the starting line,

what positive mindset loops she kept going in her head while running,

and why yes, it's okay to run/walk. Seriously, you guys. It really, really is.

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Take a listen here!