How to stop being perfect with food so you can be sustainable in your health

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I'll never forget the days I used to get french fries on repeat after work to numb my feelings about my job. The french fries were the catalyst to a dinner of tacos, more french fries, and probably a package of raw cookie dough.

Cool. Some extreme eating happening. Emotional eating. Compulsions that could have given me a sign that I needed to change something in my life... in my career...

But instead, I adopted a perfect diet with rules and I went to the extreme opposite and never allowed myself french fries, tacos, or cookies. I celebrated myself every time I passed up on something indulgent, silently judging the person eating the taboo food and feeling victorious that I was superior and eating perfectly.

Until I realized: Am I *ever* going to get to eat that food? The perfect diet people told me my cravings would go down and disappear, and they did for a time, when I was being perfect in my 30 day window, but then they'd reappear and I didn't know how to handle them...

And then I was like: this is f*cking stupid. I don't know how to eat these foods.

When I do allow myself to eat these foods, I overdo it and run back to a month of perfect eating.

What if I could figure out a way to have these foods in a way that felt good, and if I went overboard,

I just had to learn from it but never never never run back to the perfect diet.

The perfect diet was teaching me to be perfect. Which was super unrealistic.

The perfect diet was not teaching me how to handle life.

And #imperfecteating was born. (You can try my intro course here.)

It didn't have that official name yet,

but I knew I would never force myself to be perfect again

because the need for perfection and control always started a round of all or nothing mindset/actions.


In imperfect eating, you actually learn to eat the taboo foods in ways that feel good.

And in order to learn, you have to practice.

And while practicing, you mess up. Like a lot.

And you deal with it and move on.

The 3P’s of Imperfect Eating

I start with plants. I always eat a crap ton of veggies, fruits, and beans. (Get my Eat More Veggies guide)

Then I look for protein. Meat, eggs, protein powder…. protein!

THEN the fun part. I look for a taste of fun processed foods.

Maybe it’s crunched up tortilla chips on my salad. Maybe it’s half of a bagel. Maybe it’s a mini Snickers. I practice eating these things and get experience and evidence that I can eat these things without going overboard. It feels great to eat sugar and then stop. Which is not something I thought I’d ever be able to do! (Says that girl who only made single serving desserts because she was afraid of having whole packages of cookies in the house!)

Allowing myself to be imperfect has actually helped me be sustainable with how I eat vs when I was perfect or Fck it.

Give it a try. It takes longer than 30 days, so don’t believe anyone who tells you anything is fixed in a month. 30 days is the tip of the iceberg. Lemme know how it goes.

Want support giving it a try? Checkout my Intro to Imperfect Eating Course.