Will I lose weight?

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"Yeah, that's nice, but I want to lose weight. Not maintain weight."

Totally. I get it. I gotchu. I don't think it's helpful to tell people,

"No, just stay the same!!"

When they really, really want to lose weight.

Additionally, there was a time I was very uncomfortable in clothes

to the point that wearing jeans hurt so much on my skin

that I didn't wear them for like 4 years.

Currently sitting in some jeans as I type this.

So I am not anti-weight loss.

It's just that...

I am anti-perfect eating (#whole30)

And anti-diet cycling

(this happens after a diet and

it's NOT a lack of self-control



The diet failed you.

You didn't fail the diet.)

And anti-program jumping

(whole30 then #keto

then vegan then

#21day fix then


p.s. I did this when I broke up with whole30!! SMH.

I never found

someone else's magical eating program

to fix all things!!)

I am pro-finding a way of eating that makes sense for YOU.

I am pro-finding joy with food.

I am pro-normal eating.

Hint. #NormalEating is imperfect.

#ImperfectEating is normal.

I am pro-creating small habits that are sustainable

and making mistakes in the process

rather than trying giant overhauls

that never stick

and make you feel miserable

until you find a new giant overhaul

that promises to fix you.

"Ok cool. So if I get to normal with food, I will lose weight?"

As you practice YOUR version

of #imperfecteating that is normal for you,

incorporate more movement

that helps you find joy and reduce stress.

Go on more walks and get off your bottom during the day.

(#NEAT- non-exercise activity thermogenesis)

Incorporate strength training

so you can squat on the toilet

when you're 70 years old.

Listen to my podcast with Corrine.

Find a way to LOVE movement instead of using it as punishment.

And then... stay consistent with it.

"For how long? 30 days? 80 days? 90 days?"

No, the rest of your life.

Normal eat and move your body

in a way you love for the rest of your life.


Wanna get started on #imperfecteating?

Check out my free veggie guide here.

Or get started on the Intro to Imperfect Eating Course here.