Learning to consume social media and sugar

Learning to mindfully consume social media

is a lot like

Learning to mindfully consume sugar.

You can give them up for 30 days, but on day 31, do you actually have the tools to live a life with them?



I’ve given up Facebook for Lent many times just as people give up chocolate for Lent.

But we always seem to go back to them,

consume mindlessly,

feel gross…

It’s like we only know how to binge consume

Or not have anything at all.



Mostly because we have taken the time to teach ourselves

What mindful consumption actually looks like.



Currently sharing my journey with #singleservingsocialmedia with the clients in my group coaching.



And much like my #singleservingtreats that helped me stop bingeing on sugar, I am learning how to not binge on social media.

I think a structured approach to learning how to consumer sugar is helpful.

I disagree that we will just magically figure it out without some structure.

And the same structure is helping me with social media.

Curious, do you struggle with over-consuming sugar or social media?