my weight gain story

I talk a lot about how I lost weight.. let me tell you how I gained weight.

The gist is that I consumed more calories than my body needed.

I ate a surplus of calories, my body was like hey this is a lot, and instead of burning off the calories or building muscle, my body stored fat. 

Why did it store fat and not build muscle? Because I was pretty sedentary!! More on this later!

Whether we track calories or surplus of calories will cause us to gain weight. A calorie deficit will cause us to lose weight. And just around the right amount will cause us to maintain weight.


So I wanna tell ya a little bit more about my story, how I got started, and why I do what I do now... 

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I had always struggled with the way I looked. The way I felt about my body. It's not a fun thing to be in third grade and think there's something wrong with your body.


I was not a very strong-minded kid. I did not have a lot of confidence in my ability to do anything really... I quit a lot of things whenever they got the slightest bit hard. 


When I was in high school, I still felt like something was wrong with my weight. I tried to only eat a single piece of fruit for the day hoping that would help me lose weight. Around 6pm, I'd cave and eat everything in sight. 


The crazy thing is that I wasn't overweight. But that mindset, that there was something wrong with me and that I was weak... and those habits... starve self and then binge... those two things ultimately did cause me to gain weight and struggle to get the weight off.

Here's how that happened.

After college, I moved moved to the city! Chicago! Where you can get a hot dog or pizza on just about every corner. I started my first job. I started grad school. And I started a relationship. All in the same year. I also started stress eating. On the way home from work. McDonalds fries because how the F is someone supposed to manage and teach 34 kindergartners? It was the most stressful time of my life. And I had so many things to juggle. Somehow I thought the fries would make me feel better. They didn't. They'd start something else though.

When I got home, because I hadn't eaten all day besides the fries, I'd binge on whatever was in sight. Chips. Cookies. Fried Oreos. I didn't know how to grocery shop back then, so we'd order GrubHub and eat an entire pizza and drink a liter of RC. And then finish the cookie dough we had opened before dinner.

This repeated almost every single day.

I gained weight.

I blamed it on the birth control I was on.

But looking back, duh. I over-consumed food. I stress ate. I boredom ate. I fed my emotions. I over-consumed food. I claimed it was about living in the city and enjoying food, but there is nothing special about city McDonalds fries or chips or burritos from Chipotle.

I gained 25lbs. Maybe more. I stopped getting on the scale because I was so ashamed.

I stopped wearing jeans because they hurt my skin and I refused to buy a bigger pair. 


All of this continued until I decided to make a change in my life. Deciding means literally cutting off all other options. And I promise you, I didn't lose weight by starving myself on a 1200 calorie diet. And I promise you, losing weight was not the only thing that makes someone happy.


I will tell you a little bit more about this tomorrow. But it's always good to realize WHY something happened so that whatever solution you come up with actually matches the problem. Sometimes we come up with solutions but... they solve problems that don't actually exist! and sometimes these "solutions" create even more problems for us... (I will tell ya more about that in a few days.)


So to sum up:

My problem... well problems:

-eating because of stress 

-blaming my weight gain on other things in my life, not taking responsibility for why I gained weight

-not eating during the day and then binge eating at night

-eating mostly processed foods

-not understanding what special occasion foods were and lumping all processed foods together

-rarely eating plants.. vegetables.. things grown in the ground


-rarely exercising

-NOT TAKING CARE OF MY BODY!!! my one and only body I have while I am alive



More on this later. 

Turns out you can create solutions to solve problems when you know what problems you are trying to solve!





Clean eating meal plan = A trendy way to say "diet"


Have you ever seen a weight loss meal plan that told you to eat Rice Krispies treats, a Snicker's bar, Twizzlers, potato chips + French onion dip, Ho Hos, Fritos, Cheetos, cheese popcorn, or ice cream?


No, right?


Those are comfort foods and delicious foods...


But meal plans expect you to be perfect with food.

And eating processed foods is a no no.





Not for weight loss that sticks...




Getting a set meal plan off the internet or from a book is the equivalent of a kid memorizing multiplication tables but never knowing WTF those numbers actually mean and why 3x3=9.


When you get a meal plan, you're set for 7 days or 10 days or 21 days or 30 days or whatever the F that meal plan tells you you need to be perfect with food and lose weight and whatever magical things it tells you.


But there are 365 days in a year.


And I plan on living for a several more trips around the sun. Do you?


So how the F are you supposed to eat on day 8 or day 11 or day 22 or day 31 or FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?


Did you learn skills to use for life?



When someone brings donuts to work and you want one?

When there is a candy bar in your desk and you want it?

When you've had a shitty day at work?

When you get home late for work and have nothing prepped for dinner?


Usually, when those things happen, we have something off plan, feel guilty, binge, and vow to start again Monday or the first of the month or... next year some time.




Pretend it's the day after your meal plan ends.

What do you do?


Do you continue on with the clean eating meal plan to a T because you're AFRAID OF FOOD and what will happen to your body if you do something else that's not on the meal plan?


Been there.

I was so afraid of carbs for so long.

I was so afraid of eating at a restaurant for soooo long.

I was so afraid of going out with friends for so long.



Do you binge and go back to all your old habits and find yourself gaining the 10lbs you lost PLUS another 35lbs?


I see this ALL THE TIME.

I can't tell you how many people I've seen be PERFECT and lose weight in 4 weeks and then gain all of it back.


Someone else writing a meal plan for you WITHOUT including your favorite treats...


It doesn't work.


Lots of meal plans hide as "clean eating" or "lifestyle changes," but unless you plan on eating like that for the rest of your life, it's not a change. It's a diet.


In order to actually make a lifestyle change, you have to learn how to do this shit yourself and apply the skills for life and how to eat some delicious treats.


Creating habits with nutrient-dense food AND treats you can sustain for life > short-term perfection/diet mindset


Your life needs treats. It's ridiculous to pretend you can eat perfectly for the rest of your life.


But you need to learn how to have treats in addition to nutrient-dense foods WITHOUT going overboard.


When you LEARN SKILLS, PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS, you can do anything.

When you solely do rote memorization, you're limited in what you can sustain.


Remember, we're not talking for 4 weeks.

We're talking for life.


Can I tell you a secret? I eat pizza. I have chips. I eat candy. And all the weight I lost 3 years ago has never crept back.


And truth: I am not running or exercising for hours upon hours every day. The weight has never crept back because I learned skills on HOW to eat with treats in my life.


Skills > rote memorization


Imperfect consistency _ perfection that doesn't last.png

I hope this helps you. If you want more help, you can message me anytime:


Eating healthy... but not losing weight. Help!

"I am running and eating pretty healthy, but I am not losing weight. What am I doing wrong?"


I got this question over the weekend, so I wanna dive in!


Breakfast Oatmeal Cookies (4).jpg


--->This is not me hating on calories or saying that you need to count calories to lose weight. Nope. Not saying that one bit.


But here's what's up.


A lot of times we think because something is healthy, we can eat as much of it as we want.


(Totally thought this when it came to healthy fats like avocados, cashews, and coconut oil. AND when it came to trendy things like protein shakes and protein bars.)


Paul used to think this too when I was doing Whole30 and he was pretending to do it too.

"Whole30 means I can eat however much I want as long as it isn't bread."

He legit used to say that!

NO!! That is NOT what Whole30 is about. Even on Whole30, it works because it teaches you how to portion things using your hands or a plate... but overeating is NOT inherent to the program.



Overeating continuously will put us at a calorie surplus.

We will gain weight- whether that be fat or muscle.


All of the foods in the photos are foods I've eaten and have snapped photos to teach on social media.

There's nothing wrong with any of them.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 5.07.40 PM.png


But it's really easy to overdo it and eat alllllll the food if you're not being mindful.


A lot of times we mis-remember what we actually ate over the course of a day. Gummy bears at the secretary's desk. Donuts in the teacher's lounge. Oops.


Or we specifically remember that we DIDN'T have those treats. We only ate healthy foods.

And we feel frustrated because even though we said no thanks to the treats, this weight loss thing ain't working.


That one was me. I specifically remember not going to bars with friends. Not eating the takeout Paul ordered... but being frustrated because I wasn't seeing a change.


We may get on the scale and see nothing has changed or see that a progress photo is no different than 3 weeks ago and then we get super frustrated AF, curse the healthy eating plan, binge, and then a few weeks later, start googling for the perfect diet plan for our bodies.


"There must be something wrong with me that I can't lose the weight... I must not have found the perfect diet for me. It has got to be out there."


But it's all about the execution of the plan.

The plan was to eat healthy, and ya did that but also ya can't overeat on the healthy things.


The single way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit.

How you want to go about that is what you have to LEARN and PRACTICE how to do for your life.


If that means following a meal plan, counting macros, WW points, measuring food in measuring cups, whatever...



All of that works by creating a calorie deficit.

And all of that won't work without creating a calorie deficit.




If you're eating healthy AF foods, awesome! Keep it up. If you're not seeing the progress you want, take a look at how much of these healthy foods you're eating.


AND THEN GIVE IT TIME. Practice these actions over time.

No one loses 5 lbs of fat in 3 days. It happens with consistency.


I have some simple tricks that can help you in the food dept WITHOUT having to count calories.


You can get them by joining my newsletter here.




Until next time... xoxo


Go for a run!




Why we run

"I want to start a good healthy habit for me and my family." -Mari



"I am doing this to get back into running and help support you! I haven't run since October..." -Leah



"I am trying to be more active and walk more. I sit at a desk all day most days and don't get a lot of movement in during the day." -Melanie



"I love running and I love accountability because it forces me to make exercise a priority even if I'm busy with work." -Brecon



'Because I want to get moving more and I want to start taking my dog on longer walks/runs." -Elle



"I am a mom and need to get moving more for me!" -Tricia



"I've been in a slump so this will make me get out there!" -Jodi



"I like committing to something and following through with it!" -Bianca



"I'm doing it for all of the other women who run or want to start!" -Holly



"I love running! It makes me feel accomplished!" -Cassi



"I want to feel strong and capable – to run for my heart, health, & life!" -Laura



"My wife said i have to!" -Jim



"Working out takes your mind away from other things and makes you feel confident!" -Marissa




Tomorrow is the big day!



How to win a $50 Nike Gift Card:

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How running can change your life

A little over 2 years ago, I was feeling really shitty about my life.

I had just quit my teaching job. The one I spent $$$ for. Student loans for undergrad. Student loans for grad school. $$$ on doctor bills because of all the stress, anxiety, and panic attacks I was having.

I found myself working at another job I wasn't exactly in love with. I made 80 calls a day trying to help people to do some technology troubleshooting stuff I didn't actually understand. 

My 31st birthday was around the corner, and it turns out, life was really not all that much better than my 30th birthday.

I was a quitter... once again. I had been quitting just about everything I attempted. 

I needed something different in life. I needed to use that PAIN of feeling stuck and feeling like a failure and quitter to help drive me to change. So I decided to shed that label and do something hella crazy, and hella committed

I decided to run 31 days straight for my 31st birthday.

It was hard... but also it wasn't hard. I had decided, committed, and made no negotiations with myself. I was going to do it no matter what. That's what happens when you decide. You cut away the other choices and do the work. 


I did it.


I ran 31 days in a row. Through the cold. On days I worked 11 hours. On days it was -17 outside.


I did it.


And on day 32, on New Year's Eve, I woke up and decided to keep going.
On New Year's Day, hungover from the party, I woke up, and went running.

And I just kept going.

I ran 100 miles. 1 mile a day. 100 days in a row.




It was some hard shit. A lot of people told me not to do it.

There were days I told myself to not do it.

But I did it.

And my life will never be the same because of those 100 days.

On the 100th day, 100+ people, some babies, and some pups joined me for a run.

Disciplining myself to run 100 days in a row has changed my life.

Since then, I have created a new life for myself.

I've lost and KEPT OFF 25lbs.

I've stopped binge eating, emotional eating, and stress eating.

I've completed 3 full marathons.

I've helped hundreds of people lace up their shoes and get started on their own weight loss and running journeys.


Dear friends, the third anniversary of #runwithjaclyn is coming up.


Running can change your life too.

Discipline can change you life.

Deciding can change your life.

But it starts with 1 day. 1 mile. 1 step.


Get out there on March 8th with me and run/walk 1 mile.

Inside. Outside. Treadmill. Track. Mall. Whatever you can do.




Post a selfie on your FB or IG and tag @jaclynricchio and use #runwithjaclyn.

(Are we FB friends? We better be!)


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This is the easiest and tastiest breakfast ever.

I know everyone is all:
Omg I need to add protein to everything, every meal, all the protein!!!

And I used to be like that too.

Like I thought that adding protein powder or eggs or meat automatically made something healthier and more filling and better for me... (And this is NOT a knock on animal products. I still consume them. But I've learned that eating a crap ton of protein doesn't make your body healthier or lose weight just because you are a ton of protein!)

BUT through trial and error and tracking what I ate and how my body felt and taking the time to learn about the food going in my body and and and all that jazz, I found that when I eat real food and not just nachos all day, my real food already has enough protein in it.

So I don’t have to worry. It all evens out. AND it fuels my running better.

I seriously do sooo much better with running when I eat real food instead of fake food. 🍕


Easy AF Breakfast Cookies:

1/2 super ripe banananana
1/2 cup of oatmeal
1/4 cup water

Mash the banananana first! Then add the oatmeal and water. Stir it up. 
Scoop into balls and lay on cookie sheet.

Sprinkle of a SMALL amount of chocolate chips. (Freal guys, don’t ruin ’em by putting a half of a bag of chocolate chips on ‘em. And don’t sneak chocolate chips. You know who you are. 🙋🏻‍♀️Me.) Bake at 350 for 11 minutes.



How many do I eat at a time?

Well, you know I don’t track calories. When I’ve done it in the past, I have gotten super obsessive over food and caused harm to myself. (I learned this is called orthorexia. I was always worried that food had to be super healthy and if it wasn't I stressed the F out. )

So I don't count calories anymore. And I don't stress myself out.

Same with my relationship with the scale. I just say no to the scale and being obsessed with it.

Ok so when I make these, I eat them all in one sitting... but also I only eat this ONE serving. <-----

I don’t make 5 of these servings and eat all 5 servings in one sitting. Sooo be mindful of serving sizes, but don’t worry about every single calorie and cause yourself to go crazy... like I did.





Copy of NEW (1).jpg

Gimme 12 wks. 


Lose 25lbs. Run your BEST 5k.

Making money working online

Hey hi! Did you know I used to be a Beachbody coach? Yeah! I did it for 2.5 years, and it was cool to give me a taste of coaching women and also working online with peeps...


But I quit it last fall. I wasn't making any money. I undervalued myself as a coach, and so people undervalued me as a coach. I found myself making $40 a month being someone's coach 24/7. YUCK. Sometimes I coached for free because I felt bad if someone couldn't afford the price. When someone purchased a product from me, I was their coach... but sometimes it was really weird and got into a gray area if they didn't consume their product every day and the 30 day supply lasted them 60 days.... 90 days... It just was blah and weird and not fun and not fulfilling. I found myself putting a lot of my emotional energy into my groups but it not being matched because I was so bad about communicating the coaching and boundaries. I will take ownership of messing up my end of the coaching.

I learned a lot during this mess-up.

 I am worth way more than $40 a month. For the amount of time, energy, emotional energy, after hours help, etc, I am worth more than the $130 a month price people paid for Shakeology.

I know WTF I am doing and help people, but my years of working in public education where I was undervalued caused me to continuously undervalue my expertise. You can read more about that whole thing here: I quit Beachbody.


The breaking point for me quitting Beachbody and seeing my worth was when I started teaching online. I could make $40 in 2 hours of teaching online. I could make $130 in 2 days of teaching of teaching online.


 Like no prep before or after. No emotional energy. No random texts from people at 10pm. Just sign in. Teach. Sign out. Continue on with my day. Choose my hours. Choose my vacation days. Create the life I want to live. 


Teaching online helped me see my value. If I was worth $20 an hour to read from a script, then my real life expertise is worth way more than $20 an hour. 


Teaching online has opened my eyes to the possibilities in life. Like I can take this job anywhere I go. If we are in a small apartment in Atlanta or in an airbnb in Thailand. Teaching online has been a blessing.



I set a goal to teach 2000 classes this year. This will help me have an income while I work on my personal running coaching business.


Lemme break it down for you:

2000 classes x $10 a class = $20,000 minimum (This does not include the $2 bonuses for a class being booked within 24 hours, and this does not include the $5 bonus for a trial class deciding to sign up, and this does not include the $100 bonus for helping a teacher through the interview process. Yes, I am very open and honest about the LEGIT money potential and how honest and EASY the payment plan is. UGH. I hate how confusing and scammy a lot of online businesses pay their workers. That's another story.)


So to teach 2000 classes, we gotta break it down.


2000 classes / 12 months = 167 classes a month 


167 classes a month / 30 days a month = 5-6 classes a day


So that is my goal every single day is to teach 6 classes a day. I don't always get 6 classes a day. My schedule is determined by parents signing up for classes with me. Sometimes I have 4. Sometimes I have 6. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 10.22.12 AM.png

---> THIS IS NOT LIKE A REGULAR JOB WHERE YOU ARE GUARANTEED HOURS. You have to build up your clients. It takes time. And when the kids have exams or on vacation, there might be fewer classes.


SOOOO that's when weekend hours come in.

Because I like to work mornings, I generally take my weekend evenings off....

But because I am serious about my goal of 166 classes a month, I decided to open some weekend hours. And because I got booked within the 24 hour period on some of these classes, I got some extra bonuses. Winning.

So within this 48 period from Friday morning to Saturday evening, I made $218. To work 11 hours. Broken up. In my yoga pants. In my living room. Instead of watching Netflix.


$218 is a good chunk of change.


And because I love to talk about how the small things we do EVERY DAY matter more than the big things we do once in a while,


$218 a weekend x 52 weekends = $11,336.


An extra $11k for working on a Friday and Saturday FROM HOME. 






Only 10% of applicants are hired, and I've helped 10 people through the lengthy interview process. If you are interested in making extra money working from home the legit way, you can apply here and make me your mentor teacher:

Application: Teaching Online    Referral code: 03FJQO

Then add yourself to this FB community, and I will help you set up a schedule to make $20,000 from home too! FB Community





Working From Home the Legit Way

"Jaclyn, if you keep talking about money, people are going to think it's a scam."

Well, then they're not my people! I won't be able to help them anyway!

I talk about money a lot because for so long, I didn't have much. And I never really expected much of myself. I got into teaching because I wanted to help kids. I remember thinking over and over that if I love what I do, how much money I make doesn't matter.

I learned that.. well.. that's not true. What a moderate salary could afford 20 years is different now. When I left working in Chicago Public Schools, my income got significantly smaller...but my bills were still there. So it became a matter of figuring out how to live life with less money. No more eating out. No dream vacations. How long does one choose to live life like this? It wasn't something I could see myself doing for more than a year...

So I left..

But when I left teaching, my income took an even bigger paycut. I knew that I would have to work to build myself up and climb the corporate ladder, but being offered $33,000 to work a 9-5 job (plus being on call at night and on weekends!!) was not going to cut it. No room for growth. No bonuses. No commission. No equity. No overtime. 

Just $33,000. That's it. 

It wasn't a way I could live life.

***This blog post is not meant to be a judgement on anyone's salary or anyone's worth. It is meant to be informative and encouraging to more possibilities in life.

I invested time and money to go to college and grad school. I was still paying off those student loans. I couldn't afford to live on $33,000. 

So I sought out other options to create wealth in my life.

This online teaching gig is so funny because I never wanted to enter the teaching world again, but now that I am doing it online, I actually love it and enjoy it. I have students who are regulars. I have funny stories every morning. I've learned so much about a different culture that I am actually making plans to visit!


But this post is about money.

And yes, I talk about money a lot because I know that there are a lot of people out there who are struggling. People who invested time and money in college... but are struggling to make ends meet. That's why this job is a blessing.

I am open and honest about how much I make because there are so many get rich quick schemes on the internet.. and people fall for them and dig themselves into deeper holes.

This one is legit work. You're not going to make millions, but you could make $20,000 if you decide to wake up early. You could make $40,000 if you decide to wake up even earlier.


It starts with making the commitment to doing something every day. Commitment is important because if you decide to half-ass things and not do this every day, you're not going to make much money.


I will show you examples of both. Of when I didn't commit.. and what happened when I decided to commit.


I got hired back in July. I made $16. And I lost $12 because I missed a class! I wasn't taking this job seriously!! 

In August, I got a little bit more serious. I made $142. But I was still messing around. I didn't truly make a commitment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.24.28 PM.png

In September, I saw how much money other people were making. I realized other teachers were making $3000 or even $4000 because they were teaching every day. WTF. I am a coach who preaches doing things every day, and I wasn't doing it! So September became a new month. I committed to teach almost every single day. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.26.36 PM.png

Yes, I went from making $16 in July to $142 in August to $921 in September. I made a habit out of it. I built things up. I chose to do something every day. And it paid off.

In October, I continued to practice this behavior. YOU GUYS.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.28.18 PM.png

In November, more of that shit! I taught every single day. AND I BROKE $1000 WITH THIS PART-TIME JOB!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.29.02 PM.png

That was insane. In December, my goal was just to make $1047. I just wanted to make $1 more than November. I didn't know how much time I'd have for teaching because I took some time off when it was my brother's wedding, and I took some time off for New Year's Eve.


You guys. I killed it. My schedule of teaching 3 hours a day, give or take... I KILLED IT.

This was my schedule for December. You can see how I earned this giant paycheck by keeping my schedule pretty regular.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.33.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.32.48 PM.png

I preach this over and over again with my coaching clients- what we do 1 time doesn't matter. Eating a salad 1 day will not cause you to lose weight. Eating a giant pizza 1 time will not cause you to gain weight. But eating a salad every day for 365 days instead of a giant pizza WILL cause you to lose weight. Eating a giant pizza instead of a salad every day for 365 days WILL cause you to gain weight.



Earning $60 is no big deal, but earning $60 for 365 days straight IS a big deal.


$60 x 365 = $21,900.


My goal... no, rather my COMMITMENT to myself is to make $20,000 with this part-time gig by teaching 2000 classes this year.

I've already taught 61 of those 2000 classes!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.39.51 PM.png

Only 10% of applicants are hired, and I've helped 10 people through the lengthy interview process. If you are interested in making extra money working from home the legit way, you can apply here and make me your mentor teacher:

Application: Teaching Online    Referral code: 03FJQO

Then add yourself to this FB community, and I will help you set up a schedule to make $20,000 from home too! FB Community





10 Tips for Losing Weight in 2018

Runner friends... I want you to do a marathon this year.


With the way you approach food.


If you've been trying to lose weight for the past decade and it's just not working, I want you to look at how you view eating healthy.


Is it a sprint? Something you do really fast for a short period of time? 


Or is it a marathon? Something you train for all year, you delay gratification constantly, and you actually change your lifestyle to accommodate this?


When I look at how I used to view food and losing weight and getting healthy, I realize now that all the fad diets I did were short-term, they told me to cut calories anyway I can, that low-fat dressing was better than full fat, and that calorie deficit any way possible was what I needed to achieve... not looking at the quality of foods...

I've learned a LOT in the last 3 years.


Here are 10 tips for losing weight in 2018:


1. Really learn about the food you are eating. FREALS. Learn about the food. Not just learn about the keto diet and what you are allowed to have on it and not just learn about a vegan diet and what you are allowed to have on it. Learn about foods. What eating eggs do for your body? How do you FEEL after eating eggs? What does drinking protein powder do for your body? How do you feel? If you're telling yourself you're on a diet, that means you can fall off of the diet. If you're telling yourself you are learning about food and what certain foods do for your body, you're doing self-exploration. You're learning more about yourself and your particular body. You getting to know yourself better and what works for your body.


2. Stop seeing calories as things you need to cut, cut, cut. 
Calories are units of energy. No, seriously. That's actually the definition of a calorie. Our bodies need energy... When we restrict ourselves to only 900 calories, that's not a lot of energy going into our body. AND that sets ourselves up for long-term failure. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Training yourself to only eat 900 calories is going to cause more harm to your self-esteem (you will quit after a few days or weeks and feel like a failure for quitting) and in the long run, it is going to make you afraid of food. (This is what I had to get over all of last year!)


3. Move your body every single day in 2018. Make a commitment to moving your body because you love it and not because you hate it. Move your body because you are thankful for having legs that work. You are thankful for having arms that work. Move your body because it is so freaking amazing. Do a hard workout 3-5 days a week and foam roll, do yoga, or take the dog for a walk on the off days. Move your body. No excuses.


4. Stop demonizing certain food groups. (Are carbs bad this year? Or is it fat this time? I can never remember.) Experiment and see how you feel after eating foods. What works for one body is poison for another. But when we take the time to see the effects, we learn a lot about ourselves. And we can do good things for ourselves.


5. Stop saying you're going on a diet on the first of the year/month/week. Just start eating better foods today. Tonight. Your next meal. The next time you go to the grocery store.


6. Listen to the way you are talking to yourself. Are you saying shitty things about being fat, lazy, unmotivated, this is too hard, you always mess up, you're a sucky person, etc? Then this shit will continue being hard. Stop saying mean shit to yourself. You're a beginner, and that's okay. We are all beginners learning this stuff.


7. Start filling up on the really good for you foods. Ones that don't come in a package with 20 items on the ingredient list. If it has an ingredient list, try to read the ingredients. Can you read them? Yes? No? Is it really food you're putting in your body?


8. Start using food as your medicine. No, not to treat a bad day at work or a fight with your sig other. But seriously, if shit ain't healthy with your body, look at the QUALITY of food you are eating. Lean Pockets may be under 300 calories, but they're not helping your overall health.



9. Start seeing how cheap it is to eat healthy WHEN YOU ASSEMBLE IT YOURSELF. Yes, a salad at McDonalds is more expensive than a cheeseburger. But a meal made with plants in your kitchen is even cheaper than the one at McDonalds... ps. It costs gas money to drive to McDonalds... And it costs $$$$$ money to go to the doctor because of poor nutrition, the shit we put in our bodies... so that dollar menu at McDonalds.. it's actually very expensive.


10. Be kind to yourself. No one goes from a shitty diet to a stellar diet in 3 days. There are missteps. There are Christmas cookies. It's a learning process... it's a journey... We learn more each day about what foods work for our bodies and what foods don't.


But when we make the commitment to the marathon and not the sprint, the weight comes off... AND STAYS OFF.

Money, and why I talk about it a lot...

When I left Chicago Public Schools, I took a $10,000 pay cut.

My cost of living didn't change. My commute got longer. I got older and had more experience.

But my salary decreased by $10,000.


The most money I ever made was when I worked in CPS. And that was also the unhealthiest period of my life. 


So, yes, it was a win to decide to leave that job.


And then when we moved to the south, well, there's not a lot of money in teaching down here.  


And the 9-5 job I was offered paid the same salary I made 10 years ago when I first graduated college with no room for negotiating. No summer off. No commission. No bonuses. No room for growth in the company. No adjustment due to inflation or due to my 10 years of experience being a freaking adult on this planet... Straight up what I made 10 years ago.


I left jobs in the past because I wanted to move forward, but I kept coming across jobs that kept me in the same place, or worse, pushed me even further down.


So when I found this teaching online gig, it was the FIRST TIME I have ever been in control of how much money I could make. Like I sit down each week, decide what hours I want to teach/how much money I want to make, and then I teach from my kitchen counter in my pajama pants, and I make that money. That's it.


I have to tell you:


This isn't my forever job.

This is a gig.

This is something I am doing to make money to pay the bills while working on my passion career: coaching and teaching women.


If you've been following my social media, you know I've been all over the place since leaving my steady paychecks.

I worked at 3 tech startups, I taught in a charter school, I tutored kids, and I nannied.


None of these are my passion jobs!


They paid the bills, but they also took a lot out of me.

I wasn't passionate about any of the tech startups, and it was a chore/anxiety fest working there.

I was unhappy and mistreated at the charter school.

And tutoring and nannying weren't awful, but the commute and gas money were!


I like teaching online because I can work with kids but I don't have to do all the things I hated about being a teacher. 


I don't lesson plan on weekends. 

I don't stay after school to grade work. 

I don't bring projects home to cut out.

I don't work for free anymore.


The hours I work are the hours I am paid for.


The kids are hilarious.

They say thank you at the end of a lesson.


And no games, no tricks up my sleeve. 


Last month I made $1,046 sitting at my kitchen counter in pajama pants.



And 15 days into December, I've made $628.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 4.14.08 PM.png



Overall, I’ve made $3,737 working from home… 


Which is what some teachers make in a single month of teaching because they go balls to the wall and teach overnight.


No, seriously.


Some of these teachers make $4,000 in one month working from home. 


It’s pretty cool being in control of how much money we want to make in a year.


To teach, you do not need a teaching certificate but you do need a Bachelor’s degree in anything and experience working with kids.


You can check out my other blog posts about teaching here: Teach Online Info

You can apply here: Teaching Application

And you can join my FB group where I provide training and mentoring to new teachers: Get Hired


Only 10% of applicants are hired, so please reach out before your first interview! 


xoxo Jaclyn

Regina George is a Mean Girl


I got a text saying I looked great in my dress this past weekend.


“Oh yeah? Good thing I spent $40 on Spanx. They fix bellies full of pie and my thunder thighs."



That’s the thought that went through my head.




Divert, divert, divert.

No, I'm not worthy of a compliment. Get it away from me.




Sometimes we feel like no, we couldn't just accept a nice thing just as it was said because what if the person thinks we are conceited if we just plain say thank you to the compliment.




As if the person talking to us was Regina George, herself.






But I don’t think that’s what goes through most women’s heads when they're giving you a compliment.



I think they really are trying to say something nice.

They noticed something about you and wanted to say something nice. And we are allowed to say thank you without worrying the thank you means we suck.


(And if you DO have mean girl friends that have hidden meanings in their sentences, then you need to get rid of them because this ain’t high school anymore and your peeps should build you up and not be secretly tearing you down.)


So instead of calling out the imperfections of my body, I said thank you.


The truth is I did wear Spanx. (Who doesn't?)


My body does have imperfections. (Whose doesn't?)


I am not 100% confident all the time. I have to catch myself and remind myself. (Getting better every month.)



When I hear that Regina George mean girl voice in my head and start to listen to her, I pause and remember, nope, she is a character in a movie aka she fake and plastic and then I tell her to stfu.


My body has changed a TON in the last 3 years, but it is still imperfect and will always be.



My confidence has grown a TON in the last 3 years, but it is still imperfect, but I have the tools to continue to improve it.





We are all works in progress.





How I make an extra $200 working from home

If you've been following my social media, you know that I have been kinda all over the place since I left teaching in a brick and mortar public school. 

In the fall of 2015, I worked at a tech start-up in downtown Chicago, but then when we moved to Atlanta in early 2016, I found myself back in a classroom again.

I wasn't in love with teaching in a formal classroom.

When the school year was over, I started working for another start-up company. As 2016 was ending, I knew I did not want to continue on with the company. I started 2017, once again, all over the place. 

I have been apart of the gig economy. What's that? Basically taking gig jobs to stay afloat while I figured out my life! I have worked part-time as a health and fitness coach, part-time as a nanny, part-time once again for a tech start-up, and now, part-time as a teacher.

Of all of my part-time jobs, this teaching gig has been the best.


I get to create my own schedule: I get to choose when and how many hours I want to work. Within reason. Yes, these hours are either early morning or late at night, but I get to choose if I want to work. I get to choose if I want to open up more hours for last minute bookings. I get to choose if I want to make money on a Friday night instead of binge watching TV. 

Because I work from home.

On my computer.

It works.


While I figure out my life and what impact I want to leave on the world, there have been times I've been desperate for income and thought about getting a job at a store, restaurant, or taking the plunge and going back to a brick and mortar school or the corporate world.


But deep in my heart, I know teaching in a classroom is not for me and working for someone else's start-up is not for me.


And the thought of driving 30 minutes to make $10 an hour at a store... ugh, I can't do it.


So this job has been perfect for me. 


It forces me to create a schedule for myself. I've lived way too many months without a set schedule. Not having routine and habits is AWFUL for your mental health. Seriously. No good.


So instead of being lazy, this job forces me to get up and get started. And on days where I have to rush to my next part-time job, I can still do this one before I go there. 


Teaching online every day is my personal non-negotiable. I've read enough self-help books to know that what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while. If you really want to change your life, you have to do something every day.


So that's what I do with teaching online.


I teach every single day, by my choice, but only for a little bit each day. It's like why I only workout for 30-40 minutes a day instead of going to 90 minute classes. I can keep up with the routine of doing something small every day rather than trying to do a crap ton but only a few times a week.


I thrive on habit and routine.


Habit and routine has changed my life. It's why I ran 100 days in a row!



Let's get to the good part!


How I made an extra $200 last week!


My hourly pay is $20 an hour.


Anyone with a Bachelor's degree in ANYTHING can apply. If you don't have a teaching certificate BUT DO have experience working with kids in Sunday school, babysitting, tutoring, summer camp, etc, you will be fine. (And message me. I can help you craft your application. Don't worry. About 40% of hired teachers do not have a teaching certificate. You will be trained!)


Take a look at my schedule for teaching from last week.



It is my personal non-negotiable to teach every day for 1-2 hours.


My sweet spot is 1.5 hours, but sometimes that can't happen because of things I have happening in my day.


On Monday, I taught 3 classes. My hourly rate is $20 an hour. Or let's just say I make $10 a class. So I made $30 on Monday before 8am! Yes, I did have to wake up early. Again, LOVE IT. I am not a morning person by nature, so I have to do things to force myself to wake up. For a 6:30am class, I wake up at 6am. $30 is not a ton of money, right? But we will talk about the compound effect in a bit.

On Tuesday, I taught 4 classes and made $40.

On Wednesday, I taught 3 classes and made $30.

On Thursday, I taught 3 classes and made $30. 

On Friday, I taught 2 classes and made $20. On that day, I opened up some more slots hoping for some last minute bookings, but I didn't get any extra. Is what it is. Still happy with my $20 from my kitchen counter!

On Saturday, I had running club at 7am. I have been lacking motivation to run on Saturdays because the marathon is over, but I came up with this trick of FORCING MYSELF to teach so that I wake up early, am out of bed, and am ready to get to running club by 7am. No excuses. So I taught at 5am. Waking up at 4:40am was not fun, but present self is happy past self made that decision. I made $30 before heading to running club! Nice!

On Sunday, we had a 5k race to go to, but I knew I wanted to teach, so I scheduled myself. $20. Not bad for an hour's worth of work from my kitchen counter!


The Compound Effect

Ok, so what you do on one day doesn't really have a big effect on your life.

Making $20 one day is really no big deal.

Even making $30 or $40.

No big deal.

But here is what the compound effect means: when you do something small EVERY DAY for a long period of time, it compounds. It adds up. It creates BIG CHANGE. (I talk a lot about this with my coaching clients.)


Last week, I made $30 + $40 + $30 + $30 + $20 + $30 + $20 = $200.


For 10 hours of work.

In a week.

From my kitchen counter.

No time spent on driving.

No money spent on gas money.

I was in my pajama pants.

And it was before I started my other jobs/business.


Pretty sweet deal.


I can use that $200 to buy a flight to Chicago. To book a hotel. To buy some Christmas presents. To pay my student loans. Pretty sweet.


Ok. Sooooo


Let's Compound Effect that $200 a week.


If one were to choose to work on average 1.5 hours a day each day or 10 hours a week from their kitchen counter, well,


1.5 hours = $30 a day

$30 a day x 365 days in a year = an extra $10,950 a year.

No freals. A $10,000 pay raise for working 1.5 hours instead of watching TV for 1.5 hours. An extra $10,950 instead of 1.5 hours of sleep. (Or just go to bed early!)


That's what I am thinking. YES. I will gladly wake up earlier in the day for an extra $10k a year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 9.36.19 AM.png

This is my schedule for this current week, so with 23 classes, I will make $230. Pretty good for working from my kitchen counter!


What if someone wanted to make more money? What if they could do 2 hours a day instead of 1.5 hours?

2 hours a day = $40 a day

$40 a day x 365 days in a year = an extra $14,600 a year


What are your student loans like right now? Could $14,600 pay for a good chunk of them? 


Can you push yourself to wake up 2 hours earlier in your day? 


Can you make it a non-negotiable to setup a routine in your morning so that future self has no more loans???


If yes, read up here for more info on what classes are like: Be An Online Teacher

And frequently asked questions are here: Teaching Questions


I work as a mentor teacher for the company. (Oh gosh, I have way too many jobs, but this one I love!) I will help you through the hiring process and send you the videos I used to get hired after just my first interview! The interview process can be up to 3 interviews, and it can take only a few days if you are serious about starting. One of my mentees applied last Thursday, interviewed over the weekend, and today, Wednesday, she had her first class!

If you are ready to give it a go, apply here: Application

And I will send you all the info you need. Email me at if you have any questions.




I am...

Untitled design (12).png

I am.


What you speak after I am.

What you believe after I am

Will control your decisions.

And change your life.


The Power of I Am.


I am strong.

I am confident.

I am happy.

I am healthy.


I've been writing those words in my journal for almost a year now.


And I believe them.



I am strong. Freals.

I am confident. For the first time in my life.

I am happy. For the first time in my life.

I am healthy. In more ways than one.



What do you hear yourself saying after "I am" over and over again...?



Whatever you're saying is becoming your life.




So yeah, if you hear yourself saying things like:



I am so stupid.


I am lazy.


I am not motivated.


I am a slow runner.


I am always going to be overweight.


I am always going to be like this.


I am an emotional eater.


I am a binge eater.


I am a mindless snacker.


I am not a confident person.


I am not in control of my life...




Well, yeah. you're going to keep getting more of those vibes in your life....



You can decide to change what you say and decide to change what's happening in your life.



People usually come to me because they think I have the secrets to how to lose weight. But really, it's all about our attitude and the words we choose to repeat over and over again in our heads.



I have my clients listen in on those words and decide to change the message going through their heads.



If we keep telling ourselves we are lazy, you better believe we are going to continue being lazy.




We have the power to change our lives. 







Perfection, why I hate the word, and why I expect something else

I am a recovering sensitive person.

By that I mean, I used to be really sensitive, and I guess I still kinda am, but I also don't want to be.

I don't like taking offense to everything.

I don't like when I get upset about what people say about me.

I want to have a stronger skin.

I do have a strong skin!

It's way stronger than it was a year ago or even a few months ago.


But there is something that keeps sticking with me and irking me, and I don't know why.

I think about it and analyze it and wonder why it bothers me so much.


A few months ago, someone told me that I expect perfection out of people and I wasn't realistic in my expectations.


I wasn't sure what to take from this or how to handle this.


Because I literally don't expect perfection out of people.


I don't even expect it out of myself.


I've written about it before in this blog post Perfection vs. Consistency .

And this one: How to Weekend and Still Feel Amazing Come Monday

And this one: Public Breakup


Heck, apparently I've been anti-perfection in several blog posts. 


I freaking called my 2017 Imperfectly Consistent.




And subtitled my eCourse with the same lingo.




So why did it sting so much when this person said that to me, and why does it still sting this much?


I've built my whole social media presence on working hard, being consistent, and achieving goals, and NOT giving up on ourselves because we aren't perfect.


I am still working through why that comment stung me.


I don't think I am perfect.


I don't think anyone is.


I don't think it's possible to be perfect.


When people say things like, "We're only human," it acknowledges that we are going to make mistakes. We're human. That's what we do. 


I preach how imperfection is OKAY with my coaching clients.

But I also preach consistency and working hard.


And I model it. I talk the talk and walk the walk. 


I work hard.

I am consistent. 

I mess up and get back up.


I hate when people use the word perfection to describe things.

There is literally NEVER going to be a day where things are perfect.

Where everything goes exactly how we wanted.


But again, just because we aren't going to be perfect doesn't mean we just give up.


I think sometimes people think that if things aren't perfect, there's no point in doing it. That if they messed up, it means they are a failure and should give up. And I guess that's my point in my social media presence.


I am a walking example of how you can be so freaking imperfect and still get shit done.

I mess up ALL THE TIME. 


Like all the time.


I just ate half a tub of hummus for lunch. And when I realized what I was doing, I drank a crap ton water and made myself stop eating out of boredom. 


I have FAILED running plans a million times.


In 2015, I didn't train for a marathon and still did the marathon.

In 2016, I ate pizza three days in a row before the marathon and really messed up the marathon.

In 2017, I learned from my failures, and I did a heck of a lot better. But I wasn't perfect. Because it doesn't exist. But I was consistent. And I have no regrets about that marathon. 


I think a lot of people (old self included) use the times we mess up and aren't perfect as excuses to just not do the work. 


It's this scapegoat.


Oh, well, I F-ed up so guess everything is in the garbage and I will eat the other 11 donuts in this box because I already feel like crap.


Or: Oh, well, I know I said I was going to workout 4 times this week, but today is Thursday and I haven't done any, so I will just start on Monday.



I don't tell people to be perfect.


But I do expect and help people learn from their mistakes and get back up and do the things they said they were going to do.


As a coach, I am not being paid by people to patronize people and tell them their excuses are okay. People are literally paying me to help them achieve their goals. That's what I do as a coach. 


I help people get from where they are to where they want to be.


You can post things on social media and get free support. Free likes. Free hearts.


But I help women


their lives by helping them realize the excuses they tell themselves that are holding them back.


I help women see the self-sabotage they do on a daily basis that is preventing them from achieving their goals.


I help women create habits and routines they can do for life.


I help women create long-lasting changes.


I help women get to where they want to be.


And no, it's not going to happen through perfect days, but it does happen through routine habits and consistency.


I hate the word perfection.

Change happens with consistency.



xoxo Jaclyn




(Amazing) principal: You’re leaving teaching? What are you going to do next?

Me: I have no idea. No clue at all! All I know is I wanna ride the train downtown and work in a high rise with a beautiful view.

That’s exactly the job I got.

Like not right away. Not right away at all. I fumbled through several phone interviews, messed up an in person interview, and subbed for a few weeks before I landed that job.

But I did it.

I worked in downtown Chicago. I took the Blue Line to work. And I had an amazing view of the city.

That’s called visualization, ladies and gentlemen!

And I’ve been doing some more of it.

Now that I am a coach doing my biz, I’ve been zoning in on who it is I want to work with.

And I don’t want to help women lose weight.


Like, I’m not against it, but I’ve learned in the last 2 years as a coach that purely focusing on the scale moving is one of the best ways to drive yourself insane and not see success. I’ve always had my clients look for things happening besides the scale.

Who I want to work and what I wanna help them do...

My dream client is someone in their 20s, 30s, or 40s who has struggled with confidence and body image her whole life.

She is a runner.


Maybe a newbie runner or maybe she was a runner in the past but hasn’t done it in a while. Or maybe she is like my old self and has wanted to run a race for like 7 years, but can’t seem to make a habit out of running. She always gives up because life happens, because it seems too hard, because it seems like it’s easy for other people but not her.

But she wants to be a runner.

And she wants to be a runner for the enjoyment of running and not to hurt and punish her body.

She wants to be a runner to accomplish something she’s never done before. She wants to take something she’s really bad at and make it something she’s really good at. She’s kinda tired of playing the victim of life. She’s realizing she only has own finite life on this planet. She wants more out of it than the sob story she’s being living.


She is ready to be the hero of her story.


She wants to learn to move her body because she loves her body. She wants to learn to eat good for ya foods because she loves her body and is sick of hating on her body with crash dieting. She’s tried Whole30, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, cutting out carbs, and omg, the diet works for like 6 days and then it stop workings when someone brings donuts to work.

Because donuts. ❤️🍩 🤷🏻‍♀️

She’s so sick of the emotional eating, binge eating, and mindless eating that sabotages all of her hard work. When she turns to food, she loses momentum with moving her body. She feels like crap. She knows she self-sabotages, but she can’t seem to cut the habits and see the success she wants.

She’s spent years criticizing herself in the mirror.


She’s called herself ugly, fat, stupid, and lazy.


She only wears black clothes. She doesn’t have trendy clothes because she doesn’t feel like she is pretty enough or skinny enough to wear them. She struggles being around people because she’s worried they are looking at her and thinking she is ugly, fat, stupid, and lazy.

(Ps. She isn’t...)

She’s tired of being a mean girl to herself. She’s tired of saying really mean things to herself in the mirror. She’s an adult and she’s being a bully to herself and she’s soooo tired of it.

She is ready for change.

She wants to learn to love her body as it is AND keep working on it. She wants to lose weight as a byproduct of doing good habits, but being skinny and seeing the scale move a few lbs is not the main goal.

She wants to call herself strong.

She wants to own it.

She wants to call herself a runner.

She wants to own it.

She wants to do something she's never been able to do before.



She’s really tired of wasting her 20s,30s, or 40s trying to be skinny. She’s starting to hate the word skinny, and she hates how companies use the word to shame women into buying their products.


She wants to feel empowered to make change instead of shaming herself into fixing something wrong with her.


She wants to do things she only imagined were possible for her in some magic future time or another lifetime, but now she is SERIOUS about actually accomplishing those things.

Like running her first race, loving her body and life, & living the life she actually wants to live.

And yes, maybe fitting into a smaller pant size.


She also wants to learn to love her strong AF legs. Omg, those legs are so strong, and she wants to remind herself of that.


She wants to stop obsess about the imperfections in her body and start owning how freaking strong and amazing her body is.

And she is committed. She doesn’t have to be perfect. She doesn’t have to eat 1000 calories a day of kale and quinoa. It’s okay if she messes up.


But she is serious about changing her life.


She doesn’t want change for only 21 days or only for the summer or only for a wedding. She wants to change her life because she is kinda sick and tired of wasting days, weeks, months, and years.

She is actually going to show up for herself and continue to do the work.

Like she’s not going MIA after 6 days of work. She’s committed.

And she’s ready to invest in her change.

She’s tired of playing it small with $30 gym memberships she doesn’t actually use. She picked a gym that was only $30 because what’s $30 if you don’t go? Not much.

But now she is serious and she’s ready to invest in herself.

She’s ready to see transformational change in her life.


And I’m ready to help her because she is me from a few years ago.

I’m ready to invest my time, energy, and tough love, emphasis on the love and belief.

I’m ready to coach her to herself as the hero of her story.

I’m ready to help her actually stick to fueling her body. I'm ready to help her end the self-sabotage. I’m ready to help her feel comfortable in her skin. I’m ready to help her actually stick to a training plan and PR her next race AND ENJOY THE ENTIRE JOURNEY. I’m ready to help her change her life. And not for 21 days or 30 days or for a 10 week training plan, but like life. Life.

Maybe you’re my dream client.

Or maybe you know her.

And if that’s the case, please share this blog post with her.

I’m putting this visualization of my dream client out there because I know she is there and needs to read this post and she needs someone to tell her she actually can change her life.

She can.

She can message me.






How to Make an Extra $1000 Before Christmas

Back in July, I started teaching with an online company. I had no idea what to expect, but ohmygoodness. With our wedding coming up, I've been working on a lot of different ways to bring in extra income. You know I am the queen of bringing in extra income.


This is my favorite part-time. Ever.

This is the easiest part-time job. Ever.

This is the highest paying part-time job. Ever.


Let's talk about a few things:

1. Yeah, you do have to wake up early. Or you have to be will to stay up all night. I have a day job so staying up all night is not an option for me. Waking up an hour or two early IS an option. You're teaching children in China so there is a considerable time difference. When it is 8am here in Atlanta, it is 8pm in China. So think about when kids are out of school and available to take supplemental tutoring classes. Probably from 3pm-10pm, in their time zone. So transfer that over to Atlanta time and it's 3am-10am. I teach anywhere from about 6am-9:30am.


2. No, you don't need to know Chinese. You don't even have to have ESL (teaching English as a Second Language) or a teaching certificate. You only need a Bachelor's degree in ANYTHING + experience working with kids. In any way. Teaching Sunday school, babysitting, volunteering, coaching, having your own children, etc. If you have a degree + experience with kids, I will train you so you know what to expect in the classroom. If you DO have a teacher's degree and you do have ESL experience, highlight the heck out of that when you apply.


3. You get to pick your own hours! This is not like a regular part-time job where you tell them you want 20 hours, and they automatically schedule you for 20 hours. You have a schedule and open slots. Parents book classes with you. It's like your own mini business, meaning you are not going to have a lot of bookings when you first start, BUT the more you teach, the better you will get, and the more classes you will get booked.


4. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are another beast. Remember there's a considerable time difference, right? So if it is Friday night at 8pm in Atlanta, it is 8am in China, and those kids wanna learn! If it is Friday night/Saturday morning at 12am in Atlanta, it is 12pm in China. If it is Friday night/Saturday morning at 3am in Atlanta, it is 3pm in China.


There are teachers that make BANK by working through the night on Fridays and Saturdays. Like bank. I am going to teach you how to start out making $1000 in a month. Those teachers make like $2000, $3000, or even $4000 in a month. 

Untitled design (7).png



1. Obviously, you need to apply and make it through the two interviews. You will have to teach mock classes, and I can help you with those. If you are serious about making money, schedule those interviews as soon as you can and then knock them out of the park. I have had several teacher friends apply and then prolong the interview process for weeks and weeks. You're just missing out on money! If making money is a priority, schedule them and then stick to the schedule. You have the option to reschedule your interview, but if this were a job at a brick and mortar business, would you ask your interviewer for a reschedule on an interview? NO, you'd prepare yourself and go to that interview because you want the job to make money! Even though this is online, treat it as a regular job. Be professional. Practice. They WANT to hire you. They are in desperate need of teachers, but you have to practice and be professional to get the job.


2. When you are hired, make it a priority to wake up early and open up 4+ classes a day. No matter what. It will take some time to build up your client base. But consider this, when you start building clients, they will tell their friends. And they will rate you. And they will want to take classes with you. If you don't have any hours available, they won't be able to book with you.


Consider this: How many hours a day do you spend scrolling on social media? 

How many hours a day do you spend on watching TV?


How many hours a day do you spend laying in bed, wasting time, or doing something mindless?

(I am all for rest time. I am. But girl, I am here to help you make money.)

Let's pretend you decided to use 1.5 hours a day to work instead of wasting it on mindless stuff.

Let's say you went to bed earlier and you woke up earlier.

So instead of waking up at 7am, you woke up at 5:30am. 


If you used those 1.5 hours to work instead of sleep, here's what would happen:


1.5 hours = about $30 (could be a little less, but also could be a little more)


If you worked 1.5 hours every day from today, November 7 until December 25, 

that is 48 days!


$30 each day x 48 days = $1440!!!


Now this is a contractor position so you would have to hold some taxes from there.


But that still leaves you with over $1000 in your pocket.


Just because you decided to wake up 90 minutes earlier every day.

And teach from your kitchen counter.


Reminder: You spend no money on gas driving to a shop. You can make $30 + a day just by working from your kitchen counter. No one would show up to a store to work for 90 minutes, but when we are working from home, yeah, we can do stuff like that! And if you choose to teach for more than 90 minutes, then that is more money in your bank.


When we take a small habit and repeat it over time, it compounds to HUGE things.

I made $984 in October just by waking up at 6:15am every day and working from my kitchen counter for 1.5-2hours a day.

(And I was training for a marathon. And I traveled to Chicago for a marathon. And I traveled to Savannah for a girls' trip. And I have like 4 other jobs. And I am planning a wedding. Where there's a will, there's a way. If you really need to make money, you will find a way to make it happen.)

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.21.25 AM.png



If you are interested in teaching online, you can apply here Teaching Online 

Referral Code: 03FJQO


and then send me an email and I will mentor you through the process!


xoxo Jaclyn

How I Made an Extra $2000 Working From My Kitchen Counter

There are a LOT of ways to make money working from home on the internet.

A LOT of them involve sales. (I know! I used to do one/still do one!)

And NOTHIN' wrong with sales. 

But this job is not that.

This one is straight up teachin'.


A lot of teachers tutor in their spare time to make extra money.


Years ago, when I wanted to leave my job as a teacher in public schools, I tried to start a tutoring business. I had been working for a tutoring company on the side, and I *hated* everything about it.

I made $15 an hour to tutor up to 5 students at a time.

All working on different workbooks.


No, like I seriously might have had a 4 year old working on letters and numbers next to two third graders working on grammar next to an eighth grader working on math I hadn't done in years next to a 3 year old who definitely shouldn't be there because they can't even fit their body onto the chair.

When I taught in a kindergarten classroom, having 5 students at a table at a time was no big deal. Even if they were all at different levels, the levels were pretty close together and I was also in control of what was being taught.


But in the tutoring center, it was a MESS.


The students were NOT getting what they needed and I was not being a very good teacher dividing up my time between 5 students on WAY different levels.


And... I had to drive 20 minutes to get to work.

To make.

$15 an hour.

And be stressed out the whole time.

For $45 total.

Minus gas money.

Minus tax.

It was a sh*tty part-time job. It did not help me make money for life.


So I decided I would go rogue and start tutoring on my own. I got together curriculum for math, reading, and writing. And I started posting ads in my neighborhood in parks, at restaurants, and on community bulletin boards. I told everyone I knew who had a kid in hopes they would share with their friends with kids. I posted in every community and parents Facebook Group I was in. And I had... 0 students. Building a business takes a LOT of time. Finding customers takes time. I wasn't patient enough. I gave up.


When I found out about tutoring online, I was a little apprehensive thinking back to my previous experience.


When I found out it was teaching English, I was a little apprehensive because I had 0 experience doing it.


And then when I realized, yeah, I actually really need this money. I gave it a shot.



The interview process takes 2-3 mock classes, but don't worry! I have videos explaining each step.

You have to teach an adult pretending to be a kid which can be weird, but really, everything is scripted so it is WAY easier than teaching in a real classroom. The lesson plans are already created. You just teach. 

Here are some sample lessons:

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.51.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.51.46 AM.png


If you have a sig other, PRACTICE WITH THEM. If you have a child, PRACTICE WITH THEM! Make it as real as you can so you feel prepared on interview day.


I made Paul pretend to be my student with Photobooth, and I practiced my lessons step by step.


Your hourly pay is dependent on your experience + how you do in your interview.

Pay is $18-$22 if you teach at least 45 classes in a month.



Ok, so how have I made $2000.


First, I made it over the course of 4 months. July, August, September, and October. My July and August were kinda pathetic, but it is what it is. My September, October, November, and December are going to be my real money makers. Watch for an upcoming blog post.


And second, I should tell you... what I've made is on the LOW end. (I know, right?) A LOT of teachers make $2000 in one month. Some make $3500 in one month. Some even more. Those teachers work waaaay more hours than me!


Third, I made $2000 by working only 1-3 hours a day. When we do something small every day, it adds up. This is a part-time gig for me and not something I want to do for life. A lot of teachers use this as their main source of income. It's pretty cool they can do this from home. I would guess about 50% of teachers are stay at home moms with kids who want to make money while home. And I would guess the other 50% are people with full-time jobs who teach for an hour or 2 before heading to their brick and mortar school or office.


Fourth, this job takes time. You aren't guaranteed hours. It's more like having your own mini business where you have to attract clients. You open slots and parents book with you. The better you do, the better parents will review you and the more other parents will want to book with you. The company has a sales team that takes the time to find the parents/children/customers, so our job is just to teach. 


Fifth, the hours are in the morning or late at night. You are teaching kids in China. So when it is 6am here in Atlanta, it is 6pm in China. Obviously, this changes from state to state based on time zones. One of my teacher friends is in Seattle so she works at 5am. These hours are how I am actually able to do this job before my full-time work. I teach from 6am-9:30am before heading into work. I couldn't work 1-3 hours a day if I had to drive 15 minutes to some place. This really only works because I can do it from my kitchen counter.


I started at the end of July. I didn't make much because I hadn't booked many classes. 


And I kinda messed up with some cancellations. Live and learn.


In August, I did a little bit better. More opportunities to open classes. More classes booked. More positive reviews from parents.


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.12.10 AM.png


Ok, so $158 over the course of 2 months? Nothing to write home about.


In September, I got more serious. I opened up more slots and kept it very consistent.


Even with marathon training. Even with a million part-time jobs. 


I opened slots to make that money.


Yes, I made $921 from my kitchen counter.


After that huge month in September, I decided I needed to up my goal for October. But my trip to Chicago and my trip to Savannah prevented me from working as many hours as I wanted. (I actually DID teach during both of those trips. Just from someone else's kitchen counter- how cool!)


So October.... $984! So close to $1000.


But not too bad making $984 from my kitchen counter for only 1-3 hours a day. I tried to hit my goal on that final Friday by opening evening classes. Super close! Next month I will hit it!


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.17.34 AM.png


So $16 + $158 + $921 + $984= $2079! From my kitchen counter. YOU GUYS!


Here's what my schedule looks like for next week so far.


Parents will be booking tonight!


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.01.56 AM.png



My goal is to tech for 1.5 hours a day. No matter what.


Here's why: $30 a day doesn't seem like a big deal, amiright?


But $30 every single day for the month of November comes out to


$30 x 30 days = $900.


I have a LOT going on in other areas of my life, so I feel like 1.5 hours a day is doable. My goal is to make $1000. So I will have to teach an extra 10 classes somewhere in the month.


More on how my November goal goes soon...


I absolutely love teaching for this company and the company is GROWING and growing fast with more students. Think about it: if all the children in China signed up for have tutoring, that's a heck of a lot of students. They need a heck of a lot of teachers!


I started working as a recruiter for the company! Now I train and mentor new teacher recruits.


If you are interested in teaching online, apply here with my referral code, and I will provide you with videos I created and will mentor you along the way.


Apply to teach!


If it asks for a referral code: 03FJQO

And you can always email me at if you have questions!

Happy teaching!








I quit Beachbody...

I quit Beachbody Coaching.


Here's the long story short:


1. I wasn't making any money because I didn't want to build a team. I just wanted to help people. I started teaching online and make $1800 a month working 3 hours a day from home. No sales. No building a team. Just straight up helping people and getting paid for my work.


2. I just wanted to coach people and help them with their health. I had no interest in being a business coach for people. That's why I was terrible at building a team. I started my own coaching biz for women who want to become runners and lose weight.





Here's the long story looooooong.


Something I've learned in recent years is that if something no longer makes you happy,



you gotta work at it

or change it

or you're gonna sit there being miserable with your one single life on this planet.



Ok, there is more to the story.


I am not one of those people who is going to badmouth Beachbody.

I won't even badmouth network marketing.

I am forever grateful to both.


Beachbody, well, my coach Anna, gave me what I needed for 3 years. 




Since becoming a coach, I've lost and kept off 25 lbs.

Since becoming a coach, I've completed 3 marathons.  No. Legit. I ran 26.2  x 3 times. Like WTF.

Since becoming a coach, I gained employment with jobs that fill me up and I had the balls and self-worth to turn down jobs that don't value me.


No seriously, coaching helped me learn my value and turn down a job with a start-up that was going to pay me nothing.


Coaching helped me charge a price for private tutoring that I NEVER would have charged in the past.


Being a coach helped me see the value I provide this world.


Being a coach helped me gain control of my shit.


I became a Beachbody coach because I was really tired of letting myself down, not following through with things, and not being able to have control of food and exercise.


Since becoming a coach, I stopped with the diet mindset.

I stopped trying to be perfect.

I stopped crying and beating myself up when I wasn't perfect. 



Since becoming a coach, I've developed confidence I have never had.

I created friendships with women. Quality friends. People who get me. I was always too shy to talk to people.

I can walk into pretty much any situation and not worry people are talking about me.

I make friends with my Uber drivers, basically anyone I meet at a cocktail party, and every person at my doctor's office.

I am happy with myself and want to spread happiness and value to other peoples' lives.



I've helped people.

I've coached hundreds of women.

I've added value to strangers' lives.




I've helped hundreds of people get out there and run. 


I've taught people how to eat healthier options.




I've helped people get over their perfectionist mindsets.


I've helped other people do things that I never thought were even possible for me.


I can take on new projects that I've never done and feel confident that I can figure things out instead of sitting there with a face that looks like I am about to cry. 


I've done more risk taking in the last two years than I've done my whole life.

No, not 100% of those risks paid off. 

But you betta believe I've learned a sh*t ton and have gotten more confident with each mess up.


Since becoming a coach, I haven't had a panic attack.


I've healed my anxiety without the use of drugs.


(And this isn't a knock on medication. I've been on medication before!)



I healed my anxiety through the personal development I've done in the last 2 years as a BB coach.

I healed my anxiety by forcing myself to take risks and put myself out there.

I healed my anxiety by finding my purpose on this planet.


Since becoming a coach, I caught the entrepreneurial bug.

I view situations as a way to add value into other peoples lives.

When I see a problem, I think about what solutions could be created

instead of only complaining that there is a problem.



And I make money. 



I never thought money was something I could get because I was a teacher and I thought if I was helping people, I shouldn't worry about money because that would make me greedy. And this is the message a lot of schools try to tell their teachers, but since becoming a coach, I've realized that making money is NOT a bad thing. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it DOES open doors. And if I am going to live the life I want to live, make $30,000-$45,000 is not going to cut it.



I would never have had these life lessons without Beachbody.

I would never be where I am today without network marketing.



A lot of people have a crappy view of network marketing, but without my coach Anna letting me know that, yes, I actually could do this too, I would not be where I am today. I've had countless gym memberships and personal training sessions and read tons of blogs. And never once did it occur to me that I too could put value into the world and help people and make money doing it. It wasn't until Anna told me I could do it too that I believe in myself and freaking did it.



I would not have this confidence. I would have stayed in jobs I hated. I would have never lost weight. I would still be struggling with my body image issues. I would still have anxiety. I would still be blah.



So I have no hard feelings towards Beachbody or Network Marketing.


And Anna, well, I basically owe all my future money to that lady. She is actually now a life coach in addition to her Beachbody business, and I think you should check her out.



But I did do it.


 I did quit Beachbody coaching.



So what does all this mean? 



I am not going to be selling Shakeology anymore or running 21 day accountability groups like I have been doing the past 25 months.



I needed a more creative outlet, something more challenging, something more in line with my beliefs of how we learn, grow, and actually make long-lasting change in our lives.



I kinda hated working with people for only 21 days because change has to be lifelong and not something we do for a short period in order to actually change our lives.


I kinda hated creating amazing content for free and it not being taken seriously because it was free and who ever takes free seriously? No one. People don't take free seriously ever. When something is free, we discard it because we see no price tag value on it.



And I want to work with women who are SERIOUS about making lifelong changes.

I want to take on clients for extended periods of time.

I want to help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.



And these things didn't fit well into the 21 day groups I was leading with only the purchase of Shakeology.




So I could keep whining about things not working how I want them to work, or I could change.



I am a problem-solver. Well, now I am! It's not an innate talent. (I used to be a complainer and problem creator!!) Being a problem-solver is something I have been working on the last few years because I got sick of all the complaining that was happening in my life. I like creating solutions. I like creating educational material to help people solve their own problems. 



If I give you a meal plan, you eat for a week. If I teach you how to meal plan and accept imperfection and just work on being the tortoise and not the hare and figure out what your problems are and teach you how to go about solving them, you eat for life.




That's what I want to help people do. That's what I am passionate about.



So now what?


I am basically starting all over. Figuring out who I am, who I want to work with, and how best I can serve them.


I enrolled in an eCourse with an AMAZING business coach, and I am investing a LOT of time and MONEY because I want to see actual change in myself, my business, and how I help my clients.


I don't know exactly what will happen in the next 4 months, but I know it will be big.


Because I am deciding it will be big.


Because after 2 years of playing it small, I am ready for big. I am learning lots and putting together a business that actually helps people make real life changes in their lives. Like long-term changes. Not sh*t for 21 days.


And I am excited.


More on what the heck I am doing next sooooon.


11%2F2%2F15 (1).png



xoxo Jaclyn


I guess I am a teacher again...

This teaching job came out of nowhere,


and it came right after I declared I would never go back into the classroom again.


(I legit wrote a blog post about this very topic!)


It's true. I still will not go back to a classroom at a brick and mortar school,


but now I teach two online classes. (This is my favorite class I teach!)


Both fill me up.




This little girl draws a picture for me every time I see her.


And she is absolutely in love with my dog Jameson.



Uh, who wouldn't be!?


She is 7500 miles away from me.


And she is 12 hours in the future. Weird, right?


So cool.


I get to start my day teaching her, and she gets to end her day learning with me.


I love this job.


I love teaching.


I was just going about it in a way that wasn't filling me up for 7 years.


If you ever wanna learn more about teaching online to kids in China, dude, you're going to love it too.


You only need a college degree. You don't need a teaching certificate.


You can sign up here, and then email me. I created free training materials so I can help you ace your interview. <3


 Sign up here!


<3 Jaclyn

I'm an effing idiot

I'm an effing idiot.

I really can't believe how stupid I am. 

I royally f*cked up.

The Friday before my the Chicago Marathon, I took the Green Line into the city to pick-up my race packet. While I love public transportation and I love seeing Chicago, I had never been on the Green Line before. My lovely aunt offered to drive me from her home in Elmwood Park to McCormick Place, but I knew the traffic would be awful getting into the city and getting out of the city, so we compromised, and she drove me to a train stop. 

We hugged.

I thanked her.

She gave me a $20 bill.

I reminded her I was 32 and not 12, but she insisted, so I put it in my pocket. 

My aunt reminded me to be careful.


I grabbed my backpack and my luggage from her trunk,


and I hopped onto the Green Line.

I didn't know exactly which stop I was supposed to get off at, but I knew that Bronzeville was too far. Had I been listening, I'd have heard the announcement telling me to get off the train at McCormick Place!

Nope, I am effing idiot.


I was busy being really dumb and scrolling on social media. 


And I got to Bronzeville, saw myself amongst a bunch of college kids, and realized my dumb mistake.



I grabbed my backpack and luggage,


stepped off the train, and waited for the next one. Luckily I wasn't in a rush!


The train arrive to the McCormick Place stop and I was in one piece. 




I grabbed my backpack and luggage,


and started to make the short walk to McCormick place.


I met up with my Atlanta Running Club friends at the Expo! 



And then I headed to the back to pick up my bib for the race and my t-shirt.

They put them in a plastic bag for me, 

a bag I could use to check my items at the race,

and I walked around the Expo for a bit collecting goodies and putting them in the bag,

and then realized,

oh shit,

I hadn't been paying attention again, time got past me, and I would need to skiddadle to meet my friend for lunch. I wouldn't be able to take a train because I had waited too long.

I'd have to get in an Uber. Ugh.

So much money on transportation.


Ok, ok, Uber pool will do it. Save a little cash.


I grabbed my backpack and luggage and my new running bag,




I hopped into the Uber and was on my way to Lincoln Park. The Uber driver picked up another passenger, and so I moved my 3 bags to the back of the car and I moved over to the left side. Ah, the new rider sat in the front seat.


It was a stressful drive, and I worried I F-ed up again and would be late for lunch with my friend.


Why didn't I just get a regular Uber and not an Uber Pool? 




Why didn't I just leave my aunt's house earlier in the morning and then would have had enough time to take the train?




The Uber driver dropped off the second rider, and we were now on our way to Lincoln Park.




We chatted about the marathon. He told me he was from Ethiopia, and that while everyone thinks Kenya has the fastest runners, it's really Ethiopia. I told him how I was from Atlanta, and we both complained about how bad the traffic is there.


And then we were in Lincoln Park! I was only a minute late to meet my friend.


Small idiot move.


My Uber driver reminded me to grab my bags. He told me he had dropped off a passenger to the airport earlier this week who had left her luggage. We joked about it, I thanked him for the ride, told him that next time I was in Chicago, maybe he would be my Uber driver again!


I grabbed my backpack and luggage,


hopped out of the car, and began to walk across the street to meet my friend


when I realized it.


What an effing idiot I am and have been all day.



I had grabbed my backpack and luggage,

but I had not grabbed my new running bag.

The bag I moved when the new rider got into the Uber.

The bag I had gotten at the Expo.

The bag that had my Chicago Marathon tshirt and goodies.

Most importantly, the bag that had the race bib in it.

The race bib I had trained for 18 weeks to wear.

The race bib that I could not get another one of.

The race bib that cost $200 by itself. Let's not even add up all the other costs to running this race.


I had grabbed my backpack and luggage,




but I freaking left the bag that I needed for the marathon.


I opened my Uber app and tried to figure out how to call my Uber driver. I know in the past I have texted the driver. There has gotta be a way to text him again. I don't take Ubers very often. I drive everywhere in Atlanta.


I don't know how to use this app.


I raced into the restaurant and then greeted and hugged my friend because I think it's important to give love to someone before asking/demanding them do something for you.


And then I asked/demanded she help me.


I am an effing idiot.


Please figure this out. Please. I'm an effing idiot. Please solve this.


She found where to contact the driver.


No answer.


I tried again. 


No answer.


FCKKKKKK. This is what always happens to me. I do sh*t like this all the time. I have something great happen in my life and then I do something to sabotage myself. I freaking mess up things for myself.


I'm an effing idiot.


I can't believe I just trained for this race and flew into Chicago for this race and now I won't be able to even run it.


I'm an effing idiot. I just want to cry and scream and force myself into a panic attack and let the whole world know how shitty this situation is.


After an hour of waiting, I finally get ahold of the Uber driver. Thank goodness.


I grabbed my backpack and luggage,


and I hopped into another Uber and go all the way north to Rogers Park to retrieve my running bag.


Once I had my hands on the running bag, I let out a huge sigh of relief, and then I remembered what an idiot I am.


I walked to a Starbucks to calm myself down and figure out what the F I am going to do now. I had planned to spend the day in the city, and now I am at the northernmost edge of the city, I've spent a ridiculous amount of money, and I have a pounding headache.


I decide to just stay in Starbucks and basically waste my day way.


I'm an idiot.


I flew in from Atlanta to Chicago and basically just took a whole week's worth of money and threw it in the trash on this day.



I had plans to meet another friend for dinner, but my pounding headache from all my idiot moves did not go away, so I canceled dinner. 




I sat in the Starbucks for almost 2 hours.


It was a waste of a day.





Have you ever thought about your own day this way? 

Talking to yourself like you're a complete idiot?

Talking to yourself in a way that does not help the situation?

Don't worry guys, I didn't actually talk to myself this way, but this IS the way I used to talk to myself before I started doing all this inner work... and before I started running.


My favorite author Jen Sincero said this in her book You Are a Badass:





If we walk around saying we are idiots when one tiny thing goes wrong, you better believe a million things are going to go wrong. 


And also, you better believe you end up missing all of the other things that went right.


Because you are training yourself to only see the shitty things happening and not all the other awesome things happening.



A follow-up / alternative version of this story will be on the blog soon.



I think you will like that one more.


<3 Jaclyn



ps. Don't miss out on Meal Prep University!

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