My Imperfect Body

I don't have a perfect body, and I am okay with that day to day, but I'm also not immune to the pressure we as women put on ourselves to have perfect bodies when standing next to someone whose body is smaller, leaner, more fit, more muscular, etc.

It's a made up pressure in my head. No one has ever become my friend because of what my body looks like.

I was at a conference in LA a few weeks ago with amazing coaches and personal trainers, and not one of them told me they liked me or disliked me because of what my body looks like.


Rather they told me I have a really interesting perspective on things and my writing is simple and easy to read. I don't edit much of my writing, to a fault. (I have errors from time to time!!!) I just kinda write how I talk. I am who I am. And that's what they like about me.

And yet, in my head, the thoughts,

"Next time I see these women at our retreat in Mexico, I want to be smaller, leaner, more fit, more muscular."


Basically, I am not enough as I am right now, I need to fix myself for these women to like me.

Even though these women are personal trainers who have been working out for 10+ years, somehow I am going to change my body to look like theirs in just 60 days flat. FUUUUUCK.

We can't always control the first thought that pops up into our head, but metacognition, thinking about our thinking, gives us the opportunity to reframe our thoughts.

"Next time I see these women at our retreat in Mexico, I will be me. And it will be fine. I will enjoy my time in Mexico because I am on this planet one time and having a smaller body will not help me enjoy life more."

I am still eating the 3P's. That doesn't change. Eating is normal and always stays normal. Imperfect.

I am still running. That HAS changed. I am running MORE these days because I finally fell back in love with running after almost 15 months of dreading it. That's what happens when you go from 0 to 100. You start to hate the thing.

IMG_7285 2.JPG

I do not want to ruin my normal eating or my love of running by trying to do some quick diet and workout program that will sabotage it all.

If you're struggling with the "lose weight fast for summer" idea, do this instead:

1. Think long-term. What do you want your relationship with meals and movement to be a year from now?

2. Mindset. A year from now, what do you want your THOUGHTS to be about meals, movement, and your body?

3. A lil bit now. What small action can you take TODAY to have that life now?

I'm here for ya. If this resonates with you, see if Imperfect Eating and the 3Ms (mindset, meals, and movement) if for you.

xoxo, Jaclyn, Pizza Eater